Monday, December 10, 2018

Lockwood Fire Protection Auxiliary Helps Camp Fire Family

Lockwood Fire Auxiliary held their annual Christmas Community Pot Luck on December 8 with the usual great food, singing and raffle.  At the beginning of the evening it was announced the Auxiliary had picked a family who lost everything in the Camp Fire to support with the proceeds from the raffle.  People bought tickets like there was no tomorrow, raising over $700.00 to send to the Hill family with seven children.

The full story on the family and the letter sent to Lockwood Fire is on the Lockwood Fire web site, It is truly amazing.

Recognition was given to volunteer firefighters Randy Binz, Jim Darnell and Doug Mather.  A new recruit was also introduced.  Their dedication to learning and assisting the department with cleaning, painting and maintaining the fire house along with other projects were acknowledged and appreciated.  The Auxiliary presented CAL FIRE Division Chief Rob Withrow  for his outstanding work with the Lockwood Board, firefighters and Auxiliary to help bring the department back from a difficult period.  Of special note was the introduction of a new trophy award, the Perpetual Puff Award. The award will be presented to a deserving individual each year with the name and year engraved on the side.  This first year recipient was Jackie Vaughn who has volunteered to the department over 18 years in a variety of capacities as Board Director, Board President, Auxiliary member, webmaster and communications and public outreach coordinator.

Every year the Auxiliary invites the Pine Grove DJJ youth to come and enjoy good food and camaraderie during what must be a difficult time for most.  The boys outdid themselves this year presenting the Auxiliary with a chocolate and vanilla, raspberry filled, white frosting topped, beautifully decorated, huge cake to share with everyone.  It was a very "delicious" event!

Cal Fire leading the caroling

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