Monday, November 28, 2016

Giving Tuesday and Amador STARS

Hello Friends of the Amador STARS,

We are thankful for each of you, as the Amador STARS is our community!

During this past year, the Amador STARS have traveled over 70,000 miles transporting patients to cancer related treatments. We have supplied women with free wigs, scarves, caps and classes to help on the cancer journey. We offer support group and a resource library. All our services are FREE.

We have transported patients to San Francisco, Palo Alto, Berkeley, Pleasant Hill, San Joaquin County, Sacramento County, Placer County, El Dorado County, Calaveras County as well as within Amador County. We now have 7 vehicles and 40 volunteers who give their time to make this possible. We are always looking for new volunteers to participate. If you can give even one afternoon or morning a month, we would love to have you join us!

Amador STARS spent 91% of our donations on patient programs in 2016. We are proud that we can accomplish this, due to our high volunteer rate. We accept no government funding. We rely solely on donations and fundraising events to give back to our community. We are a grass roots non profit.

We are asking you to consider a donation to the Amador STARS on Tuesday Nov. 29th through the Amador County Giving Tuesday program. A portion of donations will be given matching funds on this day. To qualify for matching funds, you can visit this website below and be sure to make the donation to the Amador STARS under non profit organizations.   Our sincere thanks for your support!

For more information, you can contact the Amador STARS at 209.267.1246 or visit our office at 60D Ridge Road, Sutter Creek.    Please like us on Facebook: Amador STARS

To donate, visit this website:

Friday, November 18, 2016

Amador Upcountry Rotary Crab Feed - Sat Jan 21

Lockwood Fire Protection District: Smoke Signals - Nov/Dec 2016

Smoke Signals

Upcoming Events
Saturday December 3, 6:30 PM
Holiday Community Pot Luck Dinner
LFPD Station #152 at Shake Ridge & Hale
Those residing within the Lockwood Fire Protection District  are invited to partake.  Turkey, ham, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy & cranberry sauce, coffee & water will be provided.  Cost of admission is one can of food per person to be donated to the Interfaith Food bank.  Please bring a side dish to share according to the first letter of your last name:  A through L bring a vegetable dish for 8 to 10 people, and M through Z, please bring a salad for 8 to 10 people.
Come join your friends, maybe meet some new ones, in the LFPD Community and celebrate the holiday season.


The Latest from Lockwood Fire

 Series NÂș 3


Shopping can be fun! 

Do you use  You can support your local fire department
each time you shop by using .
It's simple.  Click here:

WIN a Fishing Rod & Reel Combo
Visit the Whiskey Flat Saloon in Volcano to purchase $1 raffle tickets and view this beautiful graphite combo behind the bar.
Drawing will be held Tuesday, December 20th at 8 PM at the Whiskey Flat.
Say "Hi" to Ed while you're there.
Chief King in blue along with some new recruits training under the super moon.  They welcome visitors during training on Monday nights from 6 to 9 PM

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Our mailing address is:
P.O. Box 221, Volcano, CA 95689


Monday, November 7, 2016

Amador-Calaveras Consensus Group seeking paid administrative consultant

Request for Proposals
The Amador-Calaveras Consensus Group (ACCG) is seeking to hire an independent contractor as the ACCG Administrator to support the ACCG’s work on federal and private lands in the two counties through September 30, 2019.  The ACCG focuses on restoring and managing watersheds and forests, strengthening local economies and generating benefits for local communities.  The ACCG is a diverse multi-stakeholder organization formed in 2008.  Detailed background information on the ACCG can be found at
·      Excellent organizational and interpersonal communication skills.
·      Self-starter.
·      Ability to achieve ACCG desired outcomes with little oversight.
·      Competent computer skills.
·      Excellent writing skills and project development abilities.
·      Basic understanding of effective online communication.
·      Experience with collaborative groups.
·      Understanding of natural resource management or issues.
·      Understanding of sustainable local community development.
·      Resident of Amador or Calaveras counties.
·      Support for ACCG monthly meetings (planning, coordination, timing, recording and producing minutes, and technical support for presentations.)
·      Coordination of the ACCG Administrative Workgroup.
·      Distribution of ACCG monthly agendas and minutes.
·      Website updates and improvements, including local news items, event notices, meeting announcements and agendas, photos, videos and minutes.
·      Support necessary for ACCG to complete a five-year strategic plan.
·      Updates to the ACCG Memorandum of Agreement.
·      Maintenance of the ACCG participant roster and email list.
·      Management and coordination of support letters, correspondence, media releases, brochures and other written communication the group has developed.
·      Management of a contact phone number, US Mail address, email, and website submission system for communications from the public and ACCG members, and management of the communication generated via these sources.
·      Coordination of workshops to build the capacity of the ACCG and its participants.
·      Distribution of regular communication with the public, media and local officials regarding the work of the ACCG and the Cornerstone Project.
·      Coordination of project reporting with the USFS’s Cornerstone Project coordinator.
·      Distribution of sign-on letters and other materials needing ACCG member input.
·      Grant request assistance.
·      Outreach to potential ACCG members.
Additional Information
The term of this contract will expire September 30, 2019.  The contract is funded by a USDA Forest Service Challenge Cost Share Agreement.  The term of the contract may be extended or the deliverables from the contractor expanded if additional funding is secured.  The ACCG anticipates that the contract Administrator will begin work in January, 2017.
The anticipated work load will average 30-40 hours per month.  Mileage, at the current IRS rate, will be reimbursed for all ACCG-related meetings.
The contract will be administered by an individual from the ACCG Administration Work Group.  The Administrator will be an independent contractor, not an employee of the ACCG or U.S. Forest Service for funding through this USFS Challenge Cost Share agreement..
Organizations, businesses and individuals may submit proposals.
Submissions should include a cover letter and resume showing evidence of the necessary qualifications, at least two references and a list of current contracts.  Either hourly (on a “not to exceed” basis) or retainer rates will be considered.  Please provide your best estimate of time required for the deliverables identified above and cite examples of similar work you have performed in the past.  For any questions regarding the RFP contact:
John Heissenbuttel
All proposals must be submitted in PDF electronically to  Proposals must be received by December 7, 2016.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Amador Child Abuse Prevention Council - November 2016

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It's our job as adults to keep kids safe.
CAPC Newsletter                                                  November 2016
November is Child Safety & Protection Month

Did you know that November is Child Safety & Protection Month? Initiated to create awareness about the potential dangers our children face every day, this month is a good reminder for everyone - parents and caregivers, as well as educators and students - of the importance of keeping our children safe at all times.
New mini-grant funding opportunities through  
the Child Abuse Prevention Council of Amador.
Click HERE for all the details!

Distracted Parenting   
The Different Faces of Neglect   
Part 2: Children's Safety
Did you know that neglect is the most common reason for taking child protection action? There are four types of neglect: physical, educational, medical and emotional. Physical neglect involves failing to provide for a child's basic needs such as food, clothing or shelter, or failing to adequately supervise a child, or provide for their safety. Educational neglect is failing to ensure a child receives an education.Medical neglect is failing to provide appropriate health care, including dental care and refusal of care or ignoring medical recommendations. Finally, emotional neglect involves failing to meet a child's needs for nurture and stimulation, perhaps by ignoring, humiliating, intimidating or isolating them. It's often the most difficult to prove.
This month, we are taking a look at children's physical safety and neglect.

With the continued increased presence of small electronic devices in our lives, there are many distractions pulling on a parent or caregiver's attention. It is vital that the safety of our children never be put at risk. We are asking anyone that is caring for, raising or working with young children to be extra conscious of the dangers of being distracted by cell phones and the like.

Parents and caretakers need to understand that children's safety can be at risk in seconds. Providing good supervision can be the deciding factor between a safe situation and a dangerous one. Everyone who supervises children needs to learn how to balance daily activities and minimize distractions, especially digital distractions, to prevent accidents or injuries.

As we move into the holiday season with even more responsibilities and to do's fighting for our attention, let's remember that the children in our lives deserve our full attention.  

Here are some important things to keep in mind to keep our children safe: 
  • No parent is perfect, but all parents can supervise carefully and take simple steps to keep children safe.
  • Supervision can be the difference between a safe situation and a dangerous one.
  • Childproofing is more than outlet covers and cabinet latches. Learn how to make your children's environment both child-friendly and safe.
  • Keeping children safe can be a challenge. Balance daily activities to reduce distractions and prevent accidents or injuries. Seconds can make a difference.
  • Parents are juggling a lot and there are resources to help. Call the Child Abuse Prevention Council to get connected to the tools or services you may need.

It's our job as adults to keep kids safe.  

Child Abuse Prevention Mini-Grants Now Available 

We are pleased to announce that CAPC has funding available for child abuse prevention mini-grant proposals for the 2016-17 fiscal year. One-time mini-grants will be awarded up to $2,000. For all the details and an application click on the links below. 
Upcoming Events
NEW!  Free Mandated Reporter Training  
The second Thursday of every month*, from 10:00am - 12:00pm, the Child Abuse Prevention Council is holding free mandated reporter trainings.

Open to parents, child care providers, teachers, the community, staff or colleagues needing a refresher course, or new staff with no previous training, give us a call, (209) 223-5921. For the flyer with all the information, click HERE
*November's training date has been changed: Tuesday, Nov. 15, from 10:00am-12:00pm. And there will be no December training! 

Mom to Mom 
Second Saturday of each month, 2:30-4:00pm
975 Broadway, Jackson. Call 257-1092 for free child care. 
(The last meeting of this group will in December. For additional support and resources, please call (209) 257-1092.) 
Next CAPC Meeting
Monday, November 21, 10:30am 
975 Broadway, Jackson
About CAPC
Our Vision
All children know how they are valued; all families receive the support, education and tools necessary to give every child a safe, healthy, and nurturing home; and a community that actively supports the health, safety, and education of its children.
Our Mission 
CAPC is committed to preventing all forms of child abuse in Amador County through community partnerships, free trainings, education, and family-centered events that value children, strengthen families, and engage communities. 
First 5 Logo
Investing in Our Youngest Children
Stay up to date on all the latest news and information for the youngest children in our county! Sign up for First 5 Amador's monthly e-newsletter HERE!
Child Abuse Prevention Council of Amador, Mail: PO Box 815, Jackson, CA 95642,Location: 975 Broadway, Jackson, CA 95642

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Operation Care's new thrift store opens in Jackson on November 19

Mark Your Calendar! 
We're Opening a 
You are invited

Please stop by to say hi and check out our great finds!
Tops: $2 ~ Bottoms: $2 ~ Dresses: $3
Suits: $5 ~ Coats: $3 ~ Children's: $1 ~ Shoes: $2
Hats: $1 ~ Misc.: $1
Every Contribution Counts!
There are many ways to donate to help victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, and to help educate our community on the effects of violence...Learn More

Operation Care | |

Operation Care, 817 Court Street, Suite 12, Jackson, CA 95642