Saturday, February 27, 2016

Pine Grove Youth Conservation Camp Goes on a Wildlife Excursion to PAWS

On 2/17/16 Pine Grove Youth Conservation Camp went on an outing to the PAWS Wildlife Sanctuary in San Andreas, Ca.  PAWS is a non-profit agency that relies on donations from people to help rescue animals that are living in unsafe conditions. Two staff and 21 fire fighters were treated to a tour of their facility by Co-Founder Ed Stewart. They were taught about the behaviors of the animals, and the importance of removing them from the situations they were in before they were brought to the sanctuary. The animals that we were given the privilege to learn about were elephants, tigers, bears, lions and panthers.

Mr. Stewart  and all of the volunteers were extremely knowledgeable and informative of the behaviors of their animals. It was very apparent the love and concern they had for the animals they work with. PAWS  is a place of refuge where abused, injured and abandoned captive wildlife may live in peace and dignity for the remainder of their lives. They don’t breed or exploit their animals for commercial activities such as entertainment, sports, sale of animals, or animal parts.

This sanctuary respects the integrity of individual animals, providing safe, healthy and secure refuge in enclosures specifically designed for the unique animal which it supports. These facilities often function as the end-of-the-line for surplus animals who can no longer earn dollars for mainstream zoos, circuses, traveling shows and exotic pets.

The guys especially enjoyed learning about the behaviors of the elephants. The volunteers spend a lot of time teaching the elephants how to work with them in order to take care of the elephants’ personal hygiene and care. We enjoyed our visit immensely, and were very grateful that they were given this opportunity. Pine Grove Camp would like to extend a sincere thank you to the PAWS Organization.

Photos and Editorial by YCC Brady

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Kickball at PGYCC

On 1/31/16, Pine Grove Camp took two teams consisting of eight fire fighters to join in with the community in a friendly kickball tournament. The guys came into the game without knowledge of how the game was played; however as soon as they started playing, they were able to catch on pretty quick.

Pine Grove Crew played against the Coaches for their first game, it started off slow but as they were able to see how the game was played, they were able to work together and win. This game ended up setting the tone for the whole tournament as Pine Grove Crew was able to win every single game that they played.

The toughest challenge, however, came from the Laser Beams which consisted of “ruthless, no nonsense, came to win” eight year olds killers led by an intimidating girl with a long braid named Gabby. Pine Grove Crew was able to come out as winners, but it was a tough one. As the tournament died down and after winning over the Gym Class Legends also, it came down to Pine Grove One vs. the Ninjas for the win.  After six innings and some foul calls from the referee, Pine Grove One came out victorious as they beat the Ninjas.
Pine Grove Crew II played against the Free Agents who proved themselves too good as they won against Pine Grove Crew II leaving them to watch and cheer for Pine Grove Crew I.
Then YCC Nguyen took both teams to Le’s Chinese food where they tried to master the art of chop sticks.  Finally, back to the snow at camp.
Pictures and editorial by YCC Omar Hill